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High quality, hand made, beautiful instruments

UK Deerskin Kora seen from the side

Our guarantee is that for 3 years from the date of purchase we will replace any defective parts. The guarantee does not cover any damage caused by accidents, transport, inappropriate storage or mis-use.

We are a small UK company and make koras with guitar machine heads, making them much easier to tune. We have sent koras all over the world, and have an excellent level of customer service.  Our work is guaranteed.

Our koras are made with UK-sourced deerskin, though we do also import a limited number of West African Kora bodies, generally for use with our Kora Kits.  

All of our koras are made to the same high standard and you can either choose one of the koras suggested above, or you can create your own by starting with a Standard and adding options like amplification or extra strings.

We ensure that a kora is suitable for the player in terms of size and can make koras for children or anyone with special requirements.



We accept payment by bank transfer, PayPal, cash or cheque. Please see our Delivery and Terms page.

Ebonised kora with Schaller machine heads and an ebony bridge

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Standard kora - African Kora body

The Standard

Standard kora - African Kora body



Standard kora - African Kora body



Standard kora - African Kora body



Unsure what you need? Perhaps buying as a present, or it’s your first kora?  Get in touch and we’ll help you make the right decision based on your budget and your needs.