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Culture & Customs of Senegal

In this study of contemporary Senegalese life, readers will learn how daily lifestyles are celebrated through both religious and secular customs.  Though we think it concentrates on life in the north, rather than all of Senegal, it gives some useful insights.

Eric S. Ross (2008)

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Griots and Griottes

Masters of Words and Music (African Expressive Cultures)

Thomas A. Hale (2007)

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Griots at War: Conflict, Conciliation, and Caste in Mande

Hoffman’s discerning transcription and examination of the speeches not only reveals the oratorical skills of griots, but their skill in using history, metaphor, religion, proverbs, and praise to mend a community that had been torn apart by war.

Barbara Hoffman (2001)

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In Griot Time

An American Guitarist in Mali Paperback

Banning Eyre (2002)

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Mande Music

Traditional and Modern Music of the Maninka and Mandinka of Western Africa (Chicago Studies in Ethnomusicology)

Eric Charry (2000)

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Sidikiba’s Kora Lesson (with CD)

Ryan Thomas Skinner (2008)

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The Rough Guide to West Africa

Travels in the Interior of Africa

In 1795 Mungo Park, a twenty-four year old Scottish surgeon, set out from the Gambia to trace the course of the Niger, a river of which Europeans had no first-hand knowledge.

Mungo Park (2002)

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