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Learning to play
Adam with a small group at the Skenfrith 2010
Adam with a small group at the Skenfrith 2010
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Adam with a small group at the Skenfrith 2010
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How we can help you learn

In addition to one-to-one tuition, often via Skype, we run residential workshops in the south of France and also at our base in Kafountine, Senegal.  Workshops are open to all levels of ability, from absolute beginners who have never held a kora, to experienced players looking for help in developing their skills and increasing their repertoire.  Whenever we are in France we accept individual students of all levels, outside of workshop dates.

Each workshop has an outline plan, but is flexible as we always respond to the flow of the day. Time is allowed for people to reflect and relax as much as to learn. Learning the kora can be a very intense activity and one that needs time and individual practice.  Many opportunities for one-to-one support are available.

Adam’s two sons  Josh and Stefan, accomplished kora players in their own rights, often join him in teaching.  His daughter Jessica is also sometimes able to join us for singing workshops.  They can all be found on Youtube via our Links page.

A complete kora holiday can be taken in Kafountine, Senegal and booked by the week. Discounts for non-kora playing partners.  

Learn 'Kelefa Ba' online.
How to tune your kora.

Many people ask us if you need to play another instrument before taking on the kora - the answer is No. Nor do you need to be able to read music, or be considered ‘musical’. What you do need is the ability to persevere, to be patient with yourself, to listen, and be aiming to play every day.  Approach the kora with ears and mind open and as relaxed as possible.  

Learning  to play the kora really well takes many years, but unlike many instruments it is very easy to make a beautiful sound straight away. You can create your own music once you get to grips with the layout, but also to be able to play many simple versions of the traditional repertoire.

Adam in Kafountine tuning his kora
The Purple kora at Music Camp 2012
Learn in France.