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Video Tutorials

We are developing a series of tutorials to help you learn the kora. They are suitable for a variety of abilities as each tutorial includes the basic kumbengo (main riff or repeated pattern) as well as a variety of breaks and variations.

There are currently six tutorials available, Kelefa Ba, Jarabi, Bani Le, Miniamba, Saxadougou and Jimbasengo. Each costs £34.95 with discounts for multiple purchases, i.e. choose any 3 for £100.00, or get all 6 for £195, each bundle has a free copy of the Tips and Techniques video. If you want to try one first before buying the full set that’s fine, choose for one now and then contact us within 2 weeks and pay the remaining £160.00

Learning to play the traditional Mandinka repertoire takes many hours of practice. Things need to be repeated many times, and the beauty of a well-made video tutorial is that it can be played, replayed and paused at will. It is infinitely patient and will always play the same thing, which for an experienced kora player is surprisingly hard to do, as they improvise and extemporise all the time; it is the nature of the music and the tradition.

The tutorials are available as downloads and a link will be sent to you via email on receipt of payment. If you have a very slow internet connection you may need to consider asking for it to be posted to you on a USB stick/key. Please also advise if you are a Mac or iPad user as a different format is required.

Each download includes the tutorial itself, a full version of the song played by Adam in mp3 format and the introductory video below. The tutorials vary in length but all include the basic song with detailed step by step instruction, plus variations and breaks, enabling the kora student to develop the song further as their level of playing improves.

You do NOT need to be able to read music as all tuition is verbal and with an animated graphic.

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