Bubinga Kora
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Bubinga Kora

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A 21 (or optionally 22) string kora made with a Bubinga neck, handles, cross piece, bridge and pad.  Chrome enclosed machine heads.

Bubinga is a particularly beautiful hardwood that has a reddish hue and a lovely grain.  It’s beauty lies in the cross-graining as well as it’s colour, but it is much harder to work and blades are blunted easily by it,  hence it is more expensive.   It is heavier than Sapele.

We would always recommend a Bubinga or Keno kora for a professional player.

Ebonisation: Bubinga is one of the few woods that can be successfully ‘ebonised’.  This is a natural process that can be used to turn the timber black, to look like ebony.   Combined with a real ebony bridge it makes a remarkably beautiful kora and is available as an wood treatment option.

More information about how we make our koras and the materials we use.

Payment & Delivery

For each Kora we will ask for a deposit of 25% to be paid upfront. This will secure your order and we will begin building your kora if we do not have one ready.
  -Construction can take anywhere from 4 – 12 weeks and is dependent upon your requirements and our schedule. We will contact you when the kora is ready and to take final payment.
  -Delivery is charged it at cost and the arrangements vary with every instrument we sell, from using a courier to deliver worldwide or even meeting for collection at a convenient place.

Courier/Parcel Service:
If being sent by courier or parcel service we take the bridge down to protect the kora in transit (and reduce the shipping costs). This means that you need to put it back up, and retune the kora. We have a helpful video to help you do this and have been told by several customers that it was much easier than they had feared! We use purpose-built boxes to ship the koras.

We send your kora in specialist packaging and always use an insured courier delivery. We will always give you an accurate price for shipping + insurance, but as a rough price guide here are some previous approximate costs:

  • UK/France -110€.
  • Italy -140€
  • Finland -215€
  • US -240€
  • Kuwait -370€.
Delivery from collection is 3-5 working days worldwide. For customers outside of the European Union (EU) please also bear in mind any customs charges (see more information here)

We are also happy for customers to come to us to collect their kora – this could be the UK or France so best to check where we are on our calendar! If you come to us there is no delivery charge, you’ll get an introductory lesson and undoubtedly a tea or coffee.

If in doubt, simply get in touch!

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Wood Treatment

Optional Extras

Bass Heads

Replace up to six machine (treble) heads with bass heads for the lowest strings.

Pay a 25% deposit per item
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